The Student - A day of a pareto DONTER

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It is not that the life of someone who does not plan according to the pareto principle always sucks. Because it does not. That's why pareto principle is so interesting, it is a principle for helping life and business improvement. It is not a prerequisite for success, but surely a smarter way to reach for it.

In fact, this kind of philosophy is not taught in (most) of schools or even households. That is one of the BIG reasons most people struggle with their everyday activities and also their life planning.

Let's see how it goes a day in a life of a pareto donter.

Morning: Wakes up in a hurry, as he/she forgot to set the alarm to "daily". Put the first clothes he/she sees in the close, grabs some crackers and a bottle of soda and rushes to school. At this point, he/she perceives that his belly is a little bigger than the day before (or is it? days pass so fast that few personal things are really noticed by him/her).

As he/she arrives late in school, because of the lost ride, the math tests had already begun. But the teacher is flexible and lets him/her in. Anyway, it may have been better to have called in sick, for the tests seem written in an unknown language... obviously the confusion will lead to a terrible grade.

Afternoon: "College is getting so closer", he/she thinks, "I must start to send some applications". The student goes back home and just does anything which crosses his/her mind to avoid homework... games, TV series, texting, you name it.

The result is, obviously, a lost afternoon (not his/her first).

Night: Trying to hide from the school duties, he/she goes to the dinning room to eat with the rest of the family. But as someone always snaps at first the harsh comment at the table, the whole dinner goes south. Everybody goes to their own rooms, frustrated over the bad vibe around the house.

Around midnight, the student passes out over the notebook, with the homework poorly finished, after hours feeling a mix of a overwhelming feeling, boredom, and lack of perspective about the future.

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