Family Trip - A day of a pareto DONTER

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Certain family decided to go on a one-day trip to the ocean, 100 miles from home. Great idea, but, they did not think of it in a pareto style. Let's find out how it went.

The Morning

Waking up was not easy and definitely not on time. The night before was a little bit too long for the whole family and the alarm clocks weren't set properly.

In order not to lose any more time, the mother and the father urged the teenage sons to pack their stuff and get ready to leave fast. Obviously, this was the exact formula for forgetting things, which indeed was the case. Sunscreen and sunglasses were left at home.

The Afternoon

The afternoon started, already at the beach, with the purchase of a new sunscreen = money spent that could have been avoided.

Having already gotten there late, the family were able to only get a place far from the water to put their beach equipment. Also, with the happenings, arguing and blaming was the tone of the talks among them.

The Night

At last, hungry and in a terrible mood, the family decides to go back home. But wait, the gas was almost gone, and when they were already half way home, the fuel lights gave the verdict. No gas. Seems like somebody did not plan fuelling the car as one of the 20% priorities in order to have a successful trip.

With the last drop of battery in dad's cellphone, he was able to reach for help. Nevertheless, it would be hard to say that something was successful in the trip.