"Living the 80/20 way" - Book Review

6:41 AM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

Book/Author overview: Richard Koch is a major student and practitioner of the Pareto principle. His lessons cover both personal as professional areas and are simple enough for anybody to grasp it and be able to enrich their lives at once.

Koch's books are very recognized for their depth and the matter of 80/20 thinking is a common subject among them. "Living the 80/20 way" brings us a vantage point that focus on self improvement by using the 80/20 analysis in the various areas of one's life.

What ideas it brings: The book shows a variety of subjects analysed through the pareto way lenses. Personal responsibility is a major theme, as it is understood throughout the book that you make your destiny through your everyday choices and well, if you do them using the pareto principle, the results can be bigger and better.

Maybe we could say that for this book, simplification is the name of the game. You must avoid overcomplicating your life and seek ways to simplify it in order to live less stressed and busy while still getting great results from your actions.

It is important to notice that the pareto law is not pictured in this book as a magical principle, but rather a practical one. And also, only mature and rational planning on your life wishes can yield you the growth of results that is promised by the author.

Focus: The main question in the book is seeking ways of throwing away what doesn't work for you and investing your best time and efforts on what makes up your most valued goals. The thought of "less is more" is somehow related to this concept and represents a paradigm shift for most of us.

What "Living the 80/20 way" proposes is not necessarily easy to do, but is simple and straightforward. Following Koch's teachings can have a great impact on your life both personally and professionally.

So, this is a MUST read.

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