The Student - A day of a pareto DOER

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If you didn't read it yet, check out the "DONTER" version of this history, previously published here in the blog.

Let's see how it goes the pareto DOER student's day:

Morning: Wakes up almost together with the alarm, refreshed, as it he/she didn't had to study late at night. The homework was already done at 5 PM the day before, in a focused 1-hour session. The student makes his own natural breakfast and allows him/herself to a candy treat, for his exercise habits are really been successful.

The student arrives at school a little earlier than the math test time and clears some doubts about the subject with friends. Test goes well and the grade is really good.

Afternoon: Home again, he/she starts to receive the college application confirmations, as he had already set out the priority to send them before everybody else in his class.

As school studies are

Night: As he/she had already done his homework, games and other activities are done guilt-free and with no complaining from parents. The dinner starts, and even some harsh comments are made at table by some relatives, the student helps his family through smoothing the conversation and directing it to the well-being of the family.