A Pareto look on minimalism

11:27 AM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

The rise of minimalism

Minimalism is a trending topic nowadays. Many have already adopted its lifestyle, reducing the number of material possessions, professional and social strings, and also cutting out most of the worry brought to us by modern life.

But is it for everyone? And what are the limits of this philosophy? Does it bring an illusion of problem solving through owning less? I'll address each question below.

Well, I believe it CAN be applied in everybody's lives. It does not matter if your days are as busy as hell, or even you live in a bubble of calmness and peace. Minimalism has many lessons to teach, which we only get as time passes. For example, the importance of the small moments, the power of focusing your attention to the important choices you have to make and also how experiences are usually more important than ownership.

The perks of being a minimalist

You may think that being a minimalist is easy, right? So, just throw a bunch of stuff out and try to live with the least possible things? Well not exactly.

The philosophy is a little bit deeper. For instance, you do not HAVE to live with only the bare minimum. It is a shift in mind, with which you progressively can manage yourself with less items, and also less concerns.

Living this way is not only more healthy for the mind, but also a great way to save money and enjoy the great moments of life with dear people.

Paretoing minimalism

So what does it have to do with pareto? Well, everything. Both minimalism and the pareto lifestyle focus on less, in order to achieve more (and better).

As the amazing Jim Rohn said "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."

So, if your personal philosophy is so important, why do not choose one which values most the core areas of your life? In a pareto kind of way, minimalism is about bringing your life to the best and leaving out the rest.

So, it definitely is worth a try.