"The 4 hour body" by Tim Ferriss - Review

2:41 PM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

Book/Author overview: Again a review of a Tim Ferriss' book, and may I say, well deserved. "The 4-hour body" brings Ferriss' lessons about health and other skills to a whole new level.

What ideas it brings: The book covers many subjects, from muscle gaining to even habits to increase the longevity. As in his previous works, Ferriss brings to the reader much data about his experiments and also thoughts on the reason of their successes/failures. In this sense, the book helps you to learn more about how the human body works on different situations (sometimes extreme ones).

The practical side of the tips is really the biggest part of the book. Ferriss even explain his methods to have a better night of sleep, better performance with your partner, run faster... and much more!

"The 4-hour body" is divided in many chapters and each one can be read separately or in a sequence suggested by the author.

Focus: The gist is that you can have more control over your health if you spend enough quality time planning your eating habits and exercises. For this, Ferriss uses his famous strategies of teaching through real cases and is able to capture our attention throughout the whole book.

For anyone who wants to get in a better shape, this is a MUST read. Obviously, not everything there is for everybody, so you have to know your limits and your purposes in the physical area. This is a really interesting book.

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