Family Trip: A day of a pareto DOER

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The Morning

The family had set the priorities to the trip: waking up at the right time, having already packed all the most important items and having the car already fueled the day before. In this manner, the first hours of the day of the trip were smooth and they could get to the beach with no rush and well equipped.

The Afternoon

The lunch was great, since dad already had searched the best restaurants in the area through an online app.

The spot gotten in the beach by the family was simply perfect, within a nice distance from the water.

There was absolutely no complain from the kids or the parents and every setback found was only minor and did not grow into a bigger one. The day was being a success.

The Night

The family had the best time at the beach. As they had almost no unforeseen expenses, the dad was able to gift everybody with a gift of their choice.

Happy and in a good vibe, the family went back home with no problems and still could enjoy a great dinner together.