The Meeting - A day of a pareto DOER

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The Morning

All of the priorities for the day were set in advance. First of all, waking up early and going for a walk - the best way to breathe some fresh air and keep the head cool for the day ahead.

Later, he/she had a healthy breakfast and some 15 minutes of meditating. The notes to the meeting were revised according to their importance: the most crucial ones were seen twice and the whole presentation was rehearsed also twice. He/she thought that by doing this he/she could get his/her mind on the work rather on worrying about it.

The Afternoon

Arrived early at the building where the meeting would take place. But, with the spare time he chose to walk around and talk to some other executives. "A good opportunity to maybe even exchange a card or two" - he thought.

As the meeting begins, he/she had three major concerns: 1) make the executives comprehend the importance of the subject for their business; 2) transmit the key factors which could help them in any way; and 3) make a solid conclusion of the presentation, while showing appreciation for their attention and opening him/herself to eventual questions.

Needless to say, the meeting was a success, since the top 20% priorities set by him/her were taken care of with undivided focus.

The Night

Since the day went quite well for him/her, his/her mood was great and also the time spent with family at home was indeed a quality time.

Sure that his/her professional status had its value increased before the other executives, he/she could be safe to direct himself to new improvements in his/her project and also creating other ones, as he/she felt confident and useful for the market in a major way.