"Outliers" Book Review

12:57 PM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

Book/Author overview: Malcolm Gladwell's storytelling way of transmitting powerful concepts is really great and makes this book a masterpiece. The main discussion in it is about what high achievers do differently than the rest of the people.

Gladwell brings a very profound analysis of cases in which the "outliers" (the few ones who distinguished themselves by overachieving) were found in less than expected situations.

What ideas it brings: "Outliers" reasons that there is a fine and almost invisible logic between behavior, context and success. What it suggests is that there are many factors that come into place in order to someone achieve any level of success.

For example, the author argues that the situational environment (of the family, the society, the country) where a student is raised can help improve his/her odds of succeeding in any endeavor.

Well, looking at this, we can figure out that maybe even effort is one of the defining factors of success, it can be accelerated by putting oneself in the ideal environment.

Focus: The focus of Malcolm Gladwell in his book is really to convince us that nobody is "self made" in a extremist way, but what successful people do is to make themselves their best in their own situations.

In this sense, opposing to the "self made" culture, Gladwell suggests some kind of "made by many factors" success.

Worth the read, definitely.

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