"The 4-hour Workweek" - Book Review

10:15 AM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

Book/Author overview: Few authors bring so much practical insight in his books as Tim Ferriss. Also, his style of teaching through storytelling and making connections between totally different subjects are an unique trait of his writing books.

What ideas it brings: "The 4-hour workweek" brings practical advice about how to increase your ability to work less and still achieve more results, and in this sense it takes the Pareto principle in a very serious account.

The author shows us the importance of experimenting and trying new ways to solve the most important problems in our lives. While doing this, he uses a great deal of sense of humor and solid arguments.

The concept of muse is one of the key subjects in the book and is related to having a passive income, which is one of the tips of Ferriss in order to have financial freedom.

Focus: The main focus of the book is about being able to work on what you truly want and in a manner that will not kill you of stress or work overload. Ferriss talks about how happiness is related to our satisfaction in our work life and brings us many important concepts in order to boost it, such as the "muses".

No matter if you are happy with your desk job or you want to switch to a mobile work environment, this book has great insights for you. Again, this is a MUST read.

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