A Pareto look on doing things faster

5:22 PM Lucas Passos 0 Comments

The illusive power of speed

I believe most of the time we fall for a collective illusion, which is that speed has some sort of power in itself. If we think about it, not only our whole schedule is a symbol of hurry, but also our language and thought processes.

In fact, in the same way it is said that time flies when we do something fun, we can also perceive that time stretches in a positive manner when we care enough to do things slowly enough, ensuring a better and a more lasting result.

Slowing down to reach more

Although it is true that sometimes we have to run before walk, most of time this is not the case. This way, reducing the rush in any activity can help you increase the quality of learning it and also performing it in a better and unexpected way.

Slowing down does not mean to stop, and also does not mean some lack of enthusiasm or passion. On the contrary, it suggests the importance of doing things right. And this is only achieved by caring even for the tiniest details, which takes time.

Time and schedule in the eyes of Pareto

Through making a pareto analysis of your weekly/monthly schedule and the usage of your time in a daily basis, you can figure out what is being the main focus of your efforts. The million dollar question is: does it worth your time?

If the answer is a sounding NO, then you should erase the time sucking activities and gather as much time as you can to the things you really care about. By doing this, you can spend more quality time in those areas, and therefore achieve more important things done.

On the other hand, if the answer to that question is a beautiful YES, than intensify your efforts to these areas (usually is easier to focus on one or two areas). Spend at least 20% of your time figuring out how to increase the results on such subject(s).

As always, the main thing is to use your time consciously. This way, you'll achieve more with less time and effort.